Dental health and confident bright smiles are what we are all about at Smile4U. Life long happy smiles start with good habits early on with our most tiny patients. Our children’s dentists are on hand to provide an enjoyable relaxed dental introduction to preventative health.

A first dental visit as simple on riding on mum’s lap can help to demystify the dentist and while making some new friends. This also helps to keep a close eye on baby teeth which are generally fully erupted by age 2. Keeping these teeth healthy for the first 12 years of life helps to set up the foundations for a life long healthy smile. Close monitoring of tooth eruption allows early detection of problems and use of preventative options like fissure sealants and mouth guards. Regular check-ups can help to identify problems with tooth eruption and habits like mouth breathing thumb sucking which can be managed easily and help avoid the need for braces later on.

Our friendly dentists will take the time to encourage simple at home routines to help maintain a confident bright smile. Simple tips like brushing 30 minutes after meals, not rinsing after brushing and tailored brushing techniques go a long way to helping keep time at the dentist to a minimum and fun.

Our lovely receptionist will welcome you to our waiting room, well stocked with children’s toys and educational books starting the positive experience. During the check-up ceiling mounted TV’s with a wide selection of children’s movies and head phones provides additional entertainment for children of all ages.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family into our family at Smile4U and building a lasting dental health partnership. Contact us today at Smile4U Hamlyn Heights for all your children’s and family dentistry needs.