As always your visit is a unique experience. If you have booked in for urgent emergency treatment, we will focus on getting you pain free and comfortable emergency. If you have booked in for a general check up we will take the time to diagnose your conditions and inform you on your personalised treatment options preventative and maintenance.

    • While waiting for your dental appointment there are some simple things you can try to relieve the pain. If you are able take paracetamol or ibuprofen as required and instructed by the manufacturer. Keeping the sore area clean with brushing, flossing and warm salt water rinses can also help to reduce inflammation .

Contact Smile4U for same day examination and treatment with our friendly dentists. If it is after hours leave your first and last name with your contact details on our after hours messaging service and will get in touch as an urgent priority.

Early detection and treatment can avoid small issues turning into big costly ones. We, as do the Australian Dental Association, recommend regular six monthly Check-ups and this is tailored to your needs.

Tooth decay and gum infections often don’t cause pain until it is too late and require tooth extraction. Many Australians are unaware of silent dental problems until they visit a dentist or experience severe pain. Regular dental check-ups with our friendly team help to minimise cost and anxiety with your dental visits.

Trust between yourself and your treating physician is an important part of any health care relationship. That is why we take great pride in ensuring your safety and security during your time with us. You can rest assured that Smile4U is constantly updating our procedures to maintain compliance with the Australian Infection Control legislation and regulations whilst also being mindful of reducing our environmental footprint.

All our dentist’s and specialists are fully qualified and maintain registration with Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Our modern sterilisation and tracking procedures allow individual instruments to be allocated and recorded to patients. Implementation of comprehensive digital radiography systems ensures radiation exposures are minimised without compromising standard of care.

We also strive to maintain a safe and happy workplace for our team with a commitment to workplace safety quality and compliance.

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights outlines the entitlements of patients and others using services under the Australian Health care system. The charter establishes that any service provided under the health care system be of high standard with patients being made to feel safe and confident in the care provided. This is of high priority to both the Dentist’s and staff at Smile4U.

Our modern private practice is compliant with Australian Infection control legislation and requirements utilising modern sterilisation equipment and protocols to ensure patient safety and high standard of technical care. Download the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights Here (link to

Any irreversible surgical or invasive procedure carries inherent risks. Before proceeding, you should consider a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health care provider.