Make sure your smile is one that you are proud to share by coming in to see your local dentist in North Geelong. At smile4u, we approach your oral health care differently, by understanding what your overall oral health goals and desires are.

By working together with you, we can develop a treatment programme that you understand and are confident with. Whether it is restorative work, preventative care or a range of cosmetic treatments that bring out your truly beautiful smile for all to see, your dentist in North Geelong is here to provide you with fabulous, affordable results.

Many people are not happy with their smile, perhaps because of the way that it looks or feels. Cosmetic treatments can alleviate the concerns and issues that you may have with your smile, allowing you to feel like you can smile more freely.

Many cosmetic treatments that a dentist in North Geelong can offer also have preventative or restorative benefits as well. For example, teeth straightening (braces or aligners) is one of the most well known and popular treatments available, altering the position of your teeth to allow them to be less cramped, to no longer cross over or to remove the gap in between visible front teeth as well.

We also use braces to realign your jaw, a condition that if left untreated can cause severe pain, premature wearing down of your teeth, speech impediments or the inability to chew your food correctly, potentially leading to digestive issues.

For whatever reason it is that you need to wear braces, the results are generally life changing. Not only can your smile look healthier, but as a matter of fact, it will be. Cramped and crooked teeth are difficult to clean, meaning that many of us have more plaque than is necessary around those hard to reach areas.

By straightening teeth out and relaxing some of the pressure you may have where teeth are tightly packed together, you are more able to brush and floss correctly, resulting in an improvement in your oral health.

What other cosmetic treatments also have additional benefits?

Have you heard of porcelain veneers? This is a very popular treatment for those looking for a smile makeover. You are able to completely revamp your smile in only a few appointments, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways to obtain the smile of your dreams.

We essentially cover one or many teeth with a porcelain shell that looks stunning yet natural in your mouth. We can choose the shape, shade and size of the veneer so that it suits your smile perfectly.

By covering problem teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken or simply unsightly, you are also protecting them from further damage, as they are no longer exposed as they once were.

We will discuss with you the advantages of this treatment regarding your personal situation, as well as allow you to consider any potential disadvantages this treatment may have for you. This way, you are able to make an informed decision before deciding to go ahead with any treatment option.

All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.