Dental emergencies occur extremely suddenly, without notice as you are going about your day to day life, and they are never fun.

However, there is very little understanding within the general population about what constitutes a dental emergency and what to do when you are faced with one. It can be tempting to ignore that loose filling or forget about getting that unusual lump examined but, if you notice these symptoms, or any of the others listed below, you may need to come and see us at Smile4u!

At Smile4u, our dental team are experienced with handling dental emergencies, and can offer you fast emergency treatment at our dentist in North Geelong. We aim to see all dental emergencies on the same day and also offer after-hours and weekend emergency appointments too!

So, when should you be booking in to see our emergency dentist in North Geelong?

Continuous discomfort or pain

Of course, one of the key reasons patients book appointments to see our emergency dentist in North Geelong is related to either a sudden, or gradual, discomfort that is impacting upon their day to day life.

It can be difficult to quantify discomfort but if you notice a consistent pressure, burning or throbbing sensation in your mouth that is getting worse, impacting your ability to eat and sleep, you need to come in and see us.

Chipped teeth

A somewhat annoying experience for many people, a chipped tooth may, or may not lead to a toothache, depending on the severity.

Regardless of comfort, it is vital that you see one of our dentists as soon as you notice that your tooth is either cracked or chipped, as delaying treatment may lead to the tooth becoming infected or the crack/chip may spread. Trust us, that is not something you want to happen!

Lost filling or crown

Fillings and crowns may sometimes fall out and, for the majority of dental patients, this does not go unnoticed and can cause distress or pain!

Even if you notice that your filling or crown is gone but feel no pressing need to book an appointment as there is no pain, it is still important to see one of our dentists as soon as possible.

If a filling or crown is not replaced, it can lead to dental infection and allow bacteria into the exposed tooth, leading to more complicated and extensive decay.

Damaged orthodontic brace

As great as they are for correcting misalignments, even the most durable traditional brace can get damaged from daily activity; this can include wires snapping or the brackets coming away from the tooth.

Though you will need a follow up appointment with your orthodontist, our team can temporarily fix any damage to your braces, leaving you able to eat and keeping your teeth stabilised in your mouth.

Oral swelling

Oral swellings are usually benign but still require an examination from a dental professional just to be sure.

If you notice any strange lumps, swellings or strangely textured areas in your mouth, contact us immediately. We can perform diagnostics on the swelling and if necessary, refer you to other specialists.

All dental treatments carry potential risks. This article is not a substitute for a check up with your dental practitioner.