Good habits start young. Starting a relationship between your child and their dentist helps to ensure a positive experience and avoid development of dental anxieties and phobias. By taking the time to introduce your young ones to the various bits and pieces of the dental practice we will demystify their time with us, keeping them comfortable as we pick up areas of concern as soon as possible and address these issues as simply as possible.

Simple solutions to your child’s issues can include-

  • Oral hygiene and diet advice.
  • Preventative, non-painful treatments, like fissure sealants and mouth guards and fluoride treatments.
  • Early orthodontic advice and management


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Smile4U is also proud to be part of the Federal government’s Child dental benefit Scheme which entitles eligible children, aged 2-17, to $1000 towards their dental care over a 24 month period. The scheme promotes preventative services such as check-ups, x-rays and fissure seals which can help to prevent the need for fillings, extractions and root canals which are also covered.

So bring your little ones in today so we can take the fear out of dentistry and put in place simple strategies, to keep their smile and confidence for a life time ahead!