case1 - before
case1 - after

Case 1: This patient completed orthodontic treatment but was concerned about the spaces around their malformed lateral incisors. Their smile was transformed with take home whitening kits and two composite filling build ups to close the spaces.

case 2 - before
case 2 - after

Case 2: This patient was concerned about his teeth constantly chipping and causing sensitivity. The patient was not concerned about colour and wanted a quick, cost-effective option for his concerns. Direct composite fillings were placed on his front teeth to correct previous wear and aid cleaning.

case 3 - before
case 3 - after

Case 3: This patient completed orthodontic treatment but was concerned by the appearance of the short, malformed left lateral incisor. A custom hand crafted boutique porcelain veneer to correct the shape and perfectly match the colour of her teeth.

case 4 - before
case 4 - after

Case 4: Due to longstanding phobia of the dentist this patient presented with badly broken down teeth. Seven hand crafted customised porcelain were placed to restore natural form, colour and strength to his remaining lower teeth.  Rehabilitation of his upper jaw with a implant retained prosthesis is ongoing.

case 5 - before
case 5- after
case 5_1 - before
case 5_1 - after

Case 5: Due to a phobia of the dentists this patient unfortunately accumulated severe wear of his teeth which affected his confidence and ability to eat and chew. Treatment involvedremoval of badly broken down back teeth which helped to restore the patient’s confidence in the dentist. Fillings were then placed on remaining back teeth to open the vertical dimension to his natural bite. Finally six boutique custom made porcelain and metal crowns were then placed to form a natural looking smile with maximum strength.